The first step is to come in and speak with a provider. After that consultation, we will begin a series of tests to try to figure out what is wrong.

Painful periods are very common but are very rarely caused by anything that is life-threatening. Endometriosis and uterine fibroids are among the most common causes for painful periods, but without seeing the doctor or midwife, it is impossible to determine the cause for the pain and develop a plan to treat it. Contact us HERE to schedule a consultation so that we can set you on a path to ease your suffering.
It is totally normal for couples to take up to a year to get pregnant, so if you have only been trying for a few months, there is necessarily no cause for concern yet. If you are over 35 or experience irregular menstrual periods, it is probably a good idea to seek medical attention sooner. If your cycles are irregular, you will likely need treatment. If you over 35, delaying treatment is not a great idea.

Midwives do many of the same things as an OB/GYN doctor does.  They deliver babies, do annual examinations and provide basic gynecologic care.  Unlike a gynecologist, they do not perform surgeries, including cesarean sections.  Midwives however do approach things a little bit differently than most doctors with a more holistic and patient-centered approach.
At Delaware Valley, we have a busy and active midwifery service.  For those patients who are not particularly high risk, we encourage them to have their prenatal care and delivery with our midwives.  Most patients who chose a midwife for their delivery are very pleased with their experience. If we know in advance that you need a cesarean section, or are particularly high risk, we may recommend you see one of our obstetricians instead.
Midwives are trained and experienced in providing routine well gynecological care. Many of our patients see the midwives for routine visits such as annual examinations and discussions about contraception.
In our practice, we offer a full range of contraceptive options. Our doctors and midwives are well versed in many different types of contraceptive options, from barrier methods such as condoms or diaphragms, to birth control pills, to longer acting contraceptives such as an IUD or Depo-Provera, just to name a few. We also offer permanent sterilization procedures for those who prefer them.
From these symptoms, it is possible that you are entering menopause. While these symptoms can be trying, this does not mean that your lifestyle needs to change. On the contrary, in most cases, your life at this stage can get better. Our doctors and midwives have been caring for women during this stage of life for many years and can offer multiple options to ensure that you not only get through this stage of life but that you also enjoy it!
Heavy periods are a very common problem in our office. We offer our patients a number of both nonsurgical and surgical options to help with the bleeding. Besides medications like birth control pills and Lysteda, we offer IUDs such as Mirena, that can help lighten the periods and if surgery turns out to be the best option, our doctors are among the most experienced in the area in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.
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