Preconceptual Care

Preconceptual and prenatal Care

Preconceptual care or pre-pregnancy planning is one of the best ways to improve the chances for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Whether you and your partner are planning on getting pregnant, or actively trying to conceive, we will help you create your dream birth plan.

At your preconception office visit, we will review your personal and family medical history, your present health and any medications or supplements you’re taking. We’ll also discuss and recommend healthy lifestyle and diet changes that you might need, as well as the possibility of genetic carrier screening.

Some topics that your OB/GYN or Nurse Midwife might cover include:

  •  Starting folic acid before conception
  •  Anticipating and possibly screening for any genetic or medical issues that may arise during pregnancy
  •  Determining what whether medications are OK or should be stopped during pregnancy
  •  Making lifestyle modifications to help minimize pregnancy complications
  •  Reducing environmental risks to you and your baby
  •  Maximizing your chances for pregnancy
  •  Determining if you need the help of a fertility specialist

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