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Midwife in Lawrenceville, NJFamilies searching for a midwife in Lawrenceville, NJ will be happy to find us. At Delaware Valley OB/GYN, we provide innovative healthcare solutions, using the most recent technological advances and the most up to date medical information. For clients seeking reliable treatment, it is our intention to assist you with the highest level of professionalism and personal attention. With a compassionate educated staff, you can be rest assured knowing the team will go the extra mile for all your inquiries and concerns.

Our Midwifery Services puts the focus on education, support and reproductive counseling. We extend this kind of holistic approach to maternity care services offering women a safe and satisfying prenatal and birth experience possible. Many wonder why or how a  midwife could benefit them. Using a Certified Nurse Midwife can help with:

A More Holistic Approach to Healthcare

For those who are expecting, births overseen by our midwives usually have less intervention – such as continuous electronic fetal monitoring, epidurals, and episiotomies – often with better outcomes for women and their babies. This opens up room to learn about the physical and emotional changes you experience as you prepare for your expanding family or with your general care.

Family Planning

CNMs can also help with contraceptive counseling and services, including prescriptions for oral contraceptive pills, IUD insertions and removals, insertion and removal of hormone-releasing birth control implants.

Long Term Care

Many women opt for a midwife because they feel their midwife is someone who is willing to invest personal time and attention in their needs. The guidance of a midwife comes with a complete physical exam including:

  • A vaginal exam
  • A PAP smear
  • A breast exam

They will discuss relevant health topics with you such as family care and nutrition. Certified midwives can also assist women as they enter menopause and face hormonal issues.

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