Where to Get Birth Control

Where to Get Birth ControlIn addition to providing obstetrics and gynecology services, Delaware Valley OB/GYN can answer your questions for where to get birth control in New Jersey. We can help you with a full range of contraception options, and our physicians and staff are here to help you choose the right method of contraception for you.

Today, there are many effective and extensive birth control options for women. At Delaware Valley OB/GYN, we understand your needs when it comes to avoiding an unintended pregnancy. We also know that while birth control is a high priority to you, it’s not something that you want to have to think about throughout your day. That’s why we can help you with a variety of contraception options that work for your body and lifestyle.

We can inform and educate you about these birth control methods, and help you obtain what you need:

  • Barrier contraceptives, including diaphragm fitting and condoms
  • Hormonal contraceptives including birth control pills, NuvaRing, and the morning after pill (for emergencies only)
  • Long acting and reversible contraceptives, including Depo Provera, Implanon, hormonal IUD (Mirena), and copper IUD (ParaGard).
  • Permanent sterilization including Essure and tubal ligation (for tubal reversal information, click here to visit our Princeton IVF.)

Delaware Valley OB/GYN offers innovative care, with the latest advances in technology and medical information. We understand the sensitivity and privacy that you need, and you can expect to be in a compassionate, caring environment with professionals who are dedicated to women and their needs. Maintaining caring and effective relationships with our patients is a top priority to us.

Let us help keep you informed on where to get birth control in NJ and be educated on the best methods of contraception for your body and your situation. Call us today or use this online form to arrange an appointment and meet with one of our professionals.

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