Tips for a Hydrated Pregnancy

Hydrated Pregnancy

The Summer months and even early Fall can be extremely hot. Time for all women, but especially if you’re pregnant, to pay close attention to staying hydrated.

Hydration is always important for bodily functions. But during pregnancy fluids are even more precious than usual. Your pregnant body needs water to form amniotic fluid, produce extra blood volume, build new tissue, carry nutrients, help indigestion and flush out your wastes and toxins.

What does drinking lots of fluids do for you during pregnancy?

Drinking lots of fluids works wonders by helping to ease potential constipation and possible hemorrhoids. It can soften dry skin. It helps to reduce edema. And increasing fluid intake decreases your risk of both urinary tract infections and preterm labor.

Pregnant women should try to drink 10 cups (2.3 liters) of fluids each day, according to the Mayo Clinic. If temperatures are soaring or you’ve been exercising, you probably need even more.

Does the thought of drinking all that water make you grimace?

You can accumulate your fluid intake with other fluids like milk, juice, soup, sparkling water, decaf tea and fruits and veggies. (Five servings of produce = two servings of fluid.)

Always be aware of your body.

Generally, if you’re drinking enough fluids so that you rarely feel thirsty and your urine is colorless or light yellow, you’re probably doing a good job at staying hydrated.

To help you stay hydrated during the day, here are five tips for drinking water while pregnant.

  •  Drink 8 Cups of Water Per Day
  •  Take A Few Sips of Water Before Bed
  •  Don’t Wait Until You Feel Thirsty to Drink
  •  Find the Right Temperature When Drinking Water

 Eat Hydrating Foods

Here’s a List of delicious Hydrating Foods that you can easily work into your daily diet.

  •  Watermelon – 92% Water Content
  •  Strawberries – 91% Water Content
  •  Cucumbers – 95% Water Content
  •  Lettuce – 95% Water Content
  •  Cantaloupe – 90% Water Content
  •  Yogurt – 85% Water Content
  •  Whole Fruit Popsicles – 94% Water Content

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